A bit about me...
Hi i'm Lorraine known to my friends as "Rainy".
I have been living in the Charente for 11 years now, and i absolutely love it. I met my partner over here and we now have 3 gourgeous kiddywinks together. Now they are all at school I am finally able to get back to what I do best... design.

Back in the UK I worked as a printer/ engraver/ signmaker which I loved. I was the first person in my company to get trained to use a laser engraver and then proceedeed to train other staff. I completed my NVQ in Digital printing in 2004 which also covered design. The area's i covered in my job were:

engraving badges & plaques with a standard engraver & Laser

​Printing ID cards & badges with a various digital printers

Creating signs & banners using a vinyl plotter

plus much more

Some of the companys i produced work for were:- Barclays, Santandare, SFR, yves rocher,

my world

​I am now fully registered in france for design and to create websites.